Viking Fence & Deck


Can we put our fence or deck in property, drainage or utility easments?
Non permanent structures are allowed in easments but it's a good idea to check your property survey.
How close can I get to the road with a 6 ft fence?
This varies, you need to check with your homeowners association and local building codes.
What is the height limit for my fence?
6 ft is the code for residential fence and 8 ft for commercial.
Should I put the fence on the property line?
No, a fence on the property line becomes a common fence with your neighbor, the fence should be installed 3-6" into your property.
How long will my wood fence or deck last?
This varies on exposure to the elements and how well you maintain them, we recommend water-seal for all our wood products.
How much more is it for composite decking than wood decking?
A composite deck runs about 30 percent more than wood.
How much more is it for Vinyl fence than wood fence?
A Vinyl fence runs about 40 percent more than wood.
Does Vinyl or aluminum fence last longer than wood fence?
Yes , most vinyl fence comes witha lifetime warranty and most aluminum a 30yr warranty.
Do you cement the post on all your fences?
Yes , all post are cemented.
Why do you see some wood and vinyl fences and with a black stain?
The minerals in your sprinkler system will stain your fence, it's a good idea to keep your sprinklers from hitting the fence.
What type spacing will I need for my aluminum fence?
It depends on your needs. Standard spacing is 3 1/2". If you have a tiny dog, spacing can be as small as two inches. We also would recommend "puppy pickets", where the pickets drop down below the bottom rail to prevent your dog from going under the fence.
Are all aluminum fences just plain straight lines?
No, there are a variety of different styles. You can customize to your taste. Open top means the pickets protrude through the top rail and come in assorted styles, i.e. "pressed spear tips", tri-ad finials or quad finials. We can also add "Estate Scroll" or "Butterfly Scroll" to create that ornate look. You can also choose flat or ball caps for the posts.
Does aluminum fencing come in different grades?
Yes, we offer residential, guardian, commercial, and industrial grade fencing products.
What if I have heavy vegetation in the area where my fence is going?
Heavy vegetation will need to be cleared out before we begin work. We can do light trimming.
Is composite the best decking material?
Although composite was the first type of decking to be used as alternative decking materials vinyl decking is actually a better choice because it has no organic material and does not fade over time.
How long do hardwoods last?
Ipe' is proven to last 100yrs and Tigerwood 70yrs. These woods are the most proven materials I can offer.