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Metal Fences

Metal Fencing

Metal fencing has long been reliable, long lasting, attractive, and aside from stone, the strongest of traditional types of fencing. There are three main types of metal fencing: aluminum, wrought iron and chain link. All have their strong points and weak points, but any of them will be a great choice to use to build your fence.

Aluminum Fencing

One of the strongest, most durable and maintenance free of your metal fencing choices is aluminum fencing. It is also very affordable, and installation is usually quick and easy. Most aluminum fencing is also almost as strong as steel so it also offers strength and security, but it is still aluminum so it will resist oxidation and will not rust. This offers a virtual lifetime of maintenance free service.

Aluminum fencing comes in primarily black and white, but can easily be painted to match any landscape or theme. As far as styles and designs go, there are literally hundreds of different styles, shapes and design combinations available to create your fence from.

The advantages to aluminum are its affordability, beauty, strength, choice of styles and its long lasting durability. The fact that it is aluminum, means that it will not rust and there is essentially no maintenance. The only disadvantage is that aluminum is not quite as strong as wrought iron.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing is the strongest of all the metal fences and has been used for centuries for its elegance and beauty. Wrought iron fencing is the most ornate of all the metal fencing, and can be custom designed to any style or shape, which is why it has been used for so long. It is the most elegant looking, but aluminum does come very close.

Unlike aluminum fencing, wrought iron fencing comes in black and white, but can be painted to match any type of landscaping or theme. Also, as with aluminum, wrought iron fencing comes in literally hundreds of different styles and combinations.

The advantages to wrought iron are its strength, durability, choice of styles and beauty. The only disadvantages to wrought iron are it is a metal, and although painted is susceptible to oxidation and rust, and does require periodic maintenance like sanding and painting. It is also the most expensive of the three options.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are of course nowhere near as elegant as aluminum or wrought iron fences, but they are very affordable, very functional, and provide years and years of service. They are easy to install and will add safety and security to your home or business. When you need an inexpensive, strong, secure fence, to keep children and pets in or to keep others out, a chain link fence system is always an excellent choice.

Chain link fencing, although not adding much in the way of beauty or looks, does add a solid boundary and good level of security to your home or business.

Q: What type spacing will I need for my aluminum fence?
A: It depends on your needs. Standard spacing is 3 1/2". If you have a tiny dog, spacing can be as small as two inches. We also would recommend "puppy pickets", where the pickets drop down below the bottom rail to prevent your dog from going under the fence.
Q: Are all aluminum fences just plain straight lines?
A: No, there are a variety of different styles. You can customize to your taste. Open top means the pickets protrude through the top rail and come in assorted styles, i.e. "pressed spear tips", tri-ad finials or quad finials. We can also add "Estate Scroll" or "Butterfly Scroll" to create that ornate look. You can also choose flat or ball caps for the posts.
Q: Does aluminum fencing come in different grades?
A: Yes, we offer residential, guardian, commercial, and industrial grade fencing products.

For more information about installing metal fencing at your home or business, contact Viking Fence and Deck today. Our professionals will help you with all you need to get that great-looking, secure metal fence you've always dreamed of!