Posted: June 19th, 2023

A Range of Styles and Customization Options

Our wood fences come in many different styles. We offer vertical wood fence styles such as Stockade, Shadowbox, or Board on Board. We also provide horizontal wood options that can be customized with a cap, spacing, or trim board.

All of our wood fences are constructed using pressure-treated pine. We offer different types of treatments for our wood, including #1 or #2 PT. Our vertical wood fences are built with hot-dipped galvanized nails, but we provide stainless steel fasteners for customers located on the beach. For our horizontal fence solutions, we offer screws.

Our wood gates are hung on 6x6 posts with 100 pounds of concrete and three hinges for additional strength. We construct the wood gates on-site with a wood frame, unless the gate size exceeds 60" wide, in which case we upgrade to metal framing. Our double gates include a drop rod for each gate leaf, ensuring extra stability.

We stick-build our wood fences using 16-foot stringers that are offset for enhanced support. Our wood fences are an excellent choice for customers on a budget who desire privacy. We secure all of our wood posts in 50 pounds of concrete.

Additionally, our materials come with a lifetime limited warranty that protects against damage from fungal decay or termites, which could result in structural defects.

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